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Located at Obrien, Florida

Brannen Farms is located in O’Brien, Florida.  O’Brien is located between Lake City and Live Oak.  The small town of Branford is located 11 miles south of Brannen Farms.

The main shopping district of Lake City is less than 26 miles Northeast of the property.  In Lake City you will find Super Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, 3 hospitals, Florida Gateway College, Lake City Mall, and much more.  Live Oak is 19 miles north of the property.  In Live Oak you will find Lowes, Super Walmart, and much more.

At Brannen Farms you will find 4 acre estates wooded in hardwood trees.  The properties are located on a county maintained dirt road.  Electricity is available to the front of the land.  For water and sewer you would need to install your own well and septic tank.  Several families already live in Brannen Farms.

Royal Springs on the Suwannee River is 7 miles away and Litter River Springs is only 10 miles away.  Giving you two nearby places for swimming, fishing, boating, and diving.  

There is no requirement or timetable to build.  However when you decide to build it must be 720 square feet or larger.  Mobile homes and modular homes are permitted.  Farm animals are permitted on the land with the exception of pigs.  Camping is allowed on a temporary basis.

Brannen Farms Sales Plat Automatic, Non-Qualifying Seller Financing is available with NO Prepayment Penalties: Directions to Brannen Farms










4.00 ±






22 Years





22 Years

Royal Springs on the Suwannee River is only 7 miles away. Click Here to learn more

Purchase Price of $24,995.  Annual Percentage Rate 8.9%.  Amortization based on 263 payments.  You can pre pay all or part any time without penalty.  At the listed amount down and assuming the loan runs the full term as opposed to a shorter pay off, then the finance charge is $29,416.27, total payment amount is $52,416.27, total purchase price is $54,411.27.  There is no qualifying required for the loan.